Book Review: Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz - Moriarty Book Cover

This is a book review of Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz.

When browsing books at a charity shop, the name ‘Moriarty’ immediately caught my attention, and with the mention of Sherlock Holmes on the back cover, I couldn’t resist buying the book.

Anthony Horowitz - Moriarty Book Cover
I’ve been a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories since a teenager, visited Baker Street in London, own numerous books, a box set of a TV series and a collection of the Basil Rathbone movies. However, this isn’t a book about Sherlock Holmes! Instead the story starts shortly after the event of Reichenbach Falls, and focuses primarily on two characters dealing with a mysterious criminal mastermind and his associates in London.

This book was well paced and left me continuously guessing and wondering what would occur next. It’s the type of book, that I didn’t want to put down and I probably lost some sleep reading, instead of snoozing!

My favourite character in the book was inspector Athelney Jones of Scotland Yard, who along with a Frederick Chase embark on their own Holmes and Watson style adventure in London. Whilst I prefer Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, this is a fresh new story set in the same world of Sherlock’s London. Inspector Jones uses the methods of Sherlock and with the excellent writing, there is a lot of familiarity for fans to enjoy.

First published in 2014, my paperback edition is from 2015 with the red cover. I purchased it for £1.49 GBP second-hand, which I think is a great deal. An excellent story that kept me interested throughout.

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