Book Review: A Quantum Murder by Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F Hamilton - A Quantum Murder Book Cover

This is a book review of ‘A Quantum Murder’ by Peter F. Hamilton.

This book was another charity shop purchase, which cost me 99p (£0.99 GBP) for the 376 page paperback, with my edition being published in 1996. Peter’s books can be massive, and I often purchase them via Amazon Kindle, but this book isn’t large or small, but a decent size, which I found easy to hold and carry in my backpack.

Peter F Hamilton - A Quantum Murder Book Cover
This book probably should be viewed as a sci-fi murder mystery, with a bit of action. This is actually the second book in the Greg Mandel trilogy, and for those that read Mindstar Rising, there will be some familiar faces.

I have never read the first book in the trilogy, which I probably should have done so first! I found the book easy to get into, but if I wasn’t a fan of Peter’s writing, I probably would have stopped due to not enjoying some of the story, but I did find many parts interesting, especially later in the book.

The story is based around a murder, which I found unpleasant to read about. The murder was of a researcher at an abbey, and the main suspects are his students. We mainly follow a person called Greg Mandel, who has been asked by a friend to investigate. Greg has some psi abilities, and along with his wife Eleanor, they try to discover what occurred and who committed the murder.

Even though this story is over twenty years old now, I didn’t find the sci-fi aspects dated. Peter is a fantastic writer and I enjoy reading his books, but I think I will avoid reading his other Greg Mandel books.


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