How To Change a Watch Strap

Watch With A Nylon Strap

This blog post is about how to change a watch strap.

Watch With A Nylon Strap
Watch With A Nylon Strap

I like old watches, but not the leather straps. So I decided to buy nylon and silicone straps to try them out. The silicone strap I purchased is a bit too chunky, but looks okay and the nylon one feels okay on the wrist.

I decided to document the strap removal and placement steps that I took and have shared them here. I hope you find this watch ‘how to’ guide helpful.

Warning: This guide is only for adults and not children. I’m not an expert! I’ve just written a guide on what I did. You follow the instructions at your own risk. If you cause damage or experience other problems, don’t hold me responsible.

How to replace a watch strap:

  1. Use a craft or Stanley knife to gently help lift/remove a flap wrapped around a pin. *Watch Strap Removal
  2. Push the top part of a spring loaded pin down, which will enable you remove the pin from a slot.Watch Without A Strap
  3. Thread the pin through the new strap.
  4. Place one end of the pin into a slot on the watch.
  5. Move the other end near to its slot.
  6. Gently press down on a small lip located near to the top of the pin.Replacing A Watch Strap
  7. Glide the pin into the slot.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for the second part of a strap.

* I used a Stanley FaxMax, but a craft knife should be okay. You might be able to begin removing with the knife, but then able to use your fingers to peel the rest of the flap away.

I’ve replaced watch straps twice now on my own, but perhaps it would have been easier if I had asked someone to hold the watch for steps 4-6. Patience is definitely needed to change a strap.

I’m glad I changed a couple of watch straps. Originally I had doubts about silicone and nylon straps. I don’t think the nylon strap will last as long as the silicone, but it feels more comfortable on the wrist.

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