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HTC-1 Clock / Humidity & Temperature Digital LCD Instructions

Here are instructions for the HTC-1 clock / humidity and temperature digital LCD.

HTC-1 Thermometer

I own two HTC-1 devices and it has helped me monitor my indoor surroundings. A while ago I lost the instructions, so I sat down and worked out most of the basics, which I’ve provided below:

How to switch between Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F)

  1. On the back of the device, lift up the stand (support legs).
  2. Press the black button to switch between the different temperature scales.

HTC-1 Thermometer Rear Button

How to set the time and date

  1. Press the MODE button for two seconds until the seconds are blinking.
  2. Press the ADJ button to adjust, and then when ready press MODE again to switch to the next option.
  3. Once the time and date are set, press MODE to finish.

How to set the alarm

  1. Press the MODE button to switch to the alarm time.
  2. Hold the MODE button until the minutes flash and use the ADJ button to select the minutes you require.
  3. Then press MODE again to select the hour option and use the ADJ button to choose the hour.
  4. When finished, press MODE to finalise.

How to enable and disable the alarm
Press the adjust button until both the audio symbol and ‘Alarm’ are shown above the time, and repeat the action to disable the alarm.

HTC-1 Thermometer Alarm Function

How to turn the alarm off when it’s sounding
When the alarm makes a sound, press the MODE button once.

HTC-1 Thermometer Rear

I really like the HTC-1 and my devices are currently being used in a bedroom and lounge. I am able to monitor the effectiveness of my actions, such as opening a window, closing a door and adjusting the boiler. I don’t use the alarm function, but I do find the clock feature useful.

I own a digital thermostat, which is in my hallway. I live in a flat and it’s interesting to see the temperature differences between a bedroom, hallway and lounge.

A cheap device, but it has made a huge difference.

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