Raspberry Jelly for Vegetarians

This blog post is about my favourite jelly for vegetarians.

Jelly in a Bowl

My fantastic girlfriend and I enjoy jelly, be it as part of a homemade trifle is just on its own as a simple dessert.

In the UK we found a cheap option is the jelly made by ‘Just Wholefoods’, which you can buy online or in case we purchase from Holland & Barrett in local high street and used to buy in a niche food store that sold many items suitable for vegetarians.

If you are only eating the jelly (not part of a trifle), then it is easily enough for two people to enjoy one serving each.

Our favourite flavour is raspberry which takes a few minutes to make, and I will show the steps below.

1. Open the sachet and place the jelly crystals in a measuring jug (suitable for hot water).

Vegetarian Raspberry Jelly

2. Boil a kettle of water to provide a pint of hot water.

3. Pour the pint of water into the jug in stages, making sure to stir to dissolve the crystals.

Vegetarian Jelly in a Jug

4. Then pour into a plastic container and place on a cooling rack near a window to cool.

Cooling Jelly

5. When cool, place the jelly into a fridge to finish setting.


As mentioned earlier I enjoy jelly in a trifle, but it is great to eat as a light dessert on its own and perhaps with some ice-cream or squirty cream!

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