Oblivion movie review – Tom Cruise

Last week my wonderful girlfriend and I went to watch Tom Cruise’s latest movie called ‘Oblivion’. Before we had stepped into the movie theatre we had heard negative comments about the movie, but the trailer had convinced us enough to give it a chance, so what did we think?

It is quite hard to write a spoiler free overview after watching the movie! This is a testament to the twists and turns that are presented throughout the story. So instead of writing an overview, I ask you to view the trailer below:

The movie was directed by the same director of Tron Legacy, which coupled with the special effects in the trailer, should give you a good idea of the visual ‘feel’ of the movie.

The storyline felt like a short sci-fi story pulled out into a full-length story. What was quite surprising was that Morgan Freeman’s character felt hugely underused. It isn’t the first time that Morgan has had a small role in a movie, but it did highlight how focused the movie was on Tom Cruise. We were following Tom’s journey, but with the acting talent on hand, and given the storyline, I felt many opportunities were missed.

As with Tron Legacy it was understandable to feel blasé towards the visual effects at times, as there was so much served up to view. The music molded perfectly into the flow of the visuals, and I recommend you hang around to listen to the end credit song, as it is pretty good.

The movie was a good watch, I enjoyed the experience and didn’t regret going. Could it have been better? It definitely should have been. It lacked ‘punch’ in many different ways and part of the ending didn’t feel believable, which was a same. As mentioned earlier there were twists and turns, which I didn’t see coming and that added to the enjoyment.

This movie can’t hold its own against Aliens, The Abyss or Blade Runner, as it just isn’t in the same league. Those movies have more character, which is lacking from Oblivion.

It is however definitely superior to much of the general tripe that is released today by Hollywood. I would definitely watch the movie again, but not for a long time, and only then probably a rental.

Not an awesome movie, but a good watch especially on a large screen.


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