My love for vegetarian cooked breakfasts!

I’ve blogged before about vegetarian cooked breakfasts, and I thought once again I would write about the topic.

vegetarian cooked breakfast with veggie bacon and burger

Twitter followers know of my love of a veggie fry-up on a weekend morning, accompanied by filtered coffee or tea. I’m often sharing photos of my breakfast, and I find a good breakfast whether a weekend or weekday, helps set me up for the day. Whilst during Monday to Friday my breakfasts are somewhat smaller, at the weekend I go for a ‘full’ English breakfast!

English breakfast table

For example here is what I ate one day last weekend (on the plate in the top two photos):

  • A strip of vegetarian bacon (grilled)
  • A vegetarian sausage (grilled or oven cooked)
  • A vegetarian burger (I don’t usually eat them for breakfast!)
  • Mushrooms (cooked on the hob)
  • Beans (microwaved)
  • Grilled tomatoes (grilled)
  • Toast

On the food I sprinkled some white pepper and salt, and had healthy dollops of English mustard and brown sauce. This was accompanied by a couple of mugs of filtered coffee.

vegetarian fry-up

It was delicious and an hour later I was out walking around gardens, nosing at orchids in a greenhouse, and had plenty of energy and didn’t feel hungry. The above breakfast is just what I needed on an unusually cold English morning.

vegetarian english cooked breakfast

Now I’m not just a typical vegetarian as I don’t eat eggs either, but with the help of the Holland and Barrett shop it is easy to pick up the meat-free alternatives which also happen to be egg-free as well! I do find that the Iceland supermarket is cheaper for vegetarian sausages though.

vegetarian cooked breakfast with fried new potatoes

Other items I will include in a vegetarian cooked breakfast are:

  • Hash browns (oven cooked)
  • Potato pancakes (grilled)
  • Mushrooms and onions (cooked on the hob)
  • Plum tomatoes (microwaved)
  • Fried new potatoes (cut in half)

A cooked breakfast can easily be converted to a lunch or dinner, with the addition of chips!

English vegetarian cooked breakfast


Making a cooked breakfast does take more effort than having cereal, jam on toast or many other items, but I feel it is worth it, especially on a weekend morning, and being a vegetarian doesn’t stop me from enjoying this great English breakfast.

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