How to cook / grill fruit and vegetable kebabs

This blog post is all about grilling fruit and vegetable kebabs, which are great during the summer.

My wonderful girlfriend and I don’t own a garden, so alas we can’t BBQ, but this wasn’t going to stop me from making fruit and vegetable kebabs! Instead I decided to grill them, and serve with homemade wedges.

fruit and vegetable kebabs
Fruit and vegetable kebabs with homemade wedges.

Here is how is I prepared and cooked the kebabs:

Step 1 – Preparing the fruit and vegetables.

There are plenty of different types of fruit and veg that you can grill, but we opted to use red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers. The mushrooms and tomatoes didn’t need chopping as they were the right size to go onto the skewers, but the onion was chopped into quarters or halves, and once the seeds were removed from the peppers, they were also chopped into quarters.

The kebabs before the rice bran oil was brushed on them.

I then carefully skewed the fruit and veg onto the skewers, and brushed oil (in this case rice bran oil) over the fruit and vegetables. I guess if I didn’t use rice bran oil, I would of used olive oil.

Step 2 – Cooking the kebabs.

My girlfriend and I own a small grill, but the grill pan was perfect for the metal skewers that we brought a while back. It was important to layer tin-foil across the bottom of the pan / tray ready for the fruit and vegatables.

You need to make sure the fruit and veg is raised off the pan, and once I had placed the kebabs onto the tray, I cooked them on a low heat. Once one side was cooked, I removed the grill pan and carefully turned the fruit and veg around to cook the other side. The skewers were very hot at this stage, so I used a cloth to hold the metal skewers whilst turning.

kebabs ready to cook
The fruit and veg skewed, oiled and on the grill pan ready to be cooked.

Once cooked I served the kebabs straight away with potato wedges and some egg-free mayo. A salad and BBQ sauce probably would of gone well with them. I found that two kebabs each are more than enough if accompanied by other items.


Just because you don’t have a BBQ to cook kebabs or similar items, doesn’t mean you have to forgo the experience. Even if you do have a BBQ, this method of cooking the fruit and veg kebabs saves hassle and also means, regardless of weather you can enjoy them!

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