Feeding the Swans at Ryde Canoe Lake on the Isle of Wight

Swan at Ryde Canoe Lake - Isle of Wight

I love swans think they are beautiful creatures, and it is easy to take them for granted. Many people around the world don’t get the opportunity to see them.

Swan at Ryde Canoe Lake - Isle of WightWhether this is your situation or not, at Ryde Canoe Lake you are able to see them for free, and if you feel inclined, even feed them. You won’t just find Swans, but also other birds, such as ducks and obviously the seagulls!

Ryde Canoe Lake - Isle of WightThe Canoe Lake is located near the seafront, opposite the little cafe, which means there is often available parking nearby or the location is a quick detour whilst on a seafront stroll.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by dozens of hungry birds, which can get over-exited and too eager for the food! So make sure you are able to easily walk away, and I suggest you feed in smaller portions spaced out.

Model Boat on Ryde Canoe LakeSometimes on a Sunday morning there are model boats on the water, which are graceful and lovely to watch, though I always seem to turn up too late!

Pedalos on Isle of WightDuring the Summer you can rent out a pedalo, which is the shape of a swan. This enables you to paddle around the lake, but I’ve never been tempted to try it.

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