Easter food in Britain

Us British take our Easter seriously, whether a person is religious or not. Indeed the lack of tolerance by some to freely share their ‘Christian’ holiday with ‘heathens’ is somewhat bizarre in modern times. As you might have guessed, I’m no-longer religious and I think there is room for different types of Easter experiences.

Hot Cross Bun

However this blog post will touch no more on the subject of the origin of Easter, but look at Easter food. Ah yes, some will feel the commercialism hurts Easter, but personally I feel the giving, sharing and yes, indulgence with those you love and are fond of, can enrich life, accompanied by a well earned rest.

Hot Cross Buns!

I blogged about these spicy buns a week or so ago. In-fact we are now onto our second packet of them at home, and Easter is still days away!

a packet of hot cross bunsMy girlfriend and I love them, especially cut in half, grilled, buttered and with jam oozing on top. Though you don’t have to grill them, but cut in half with butter is definitely recommended at the very least.

Hot Cross Buns on a plate

I think you can buy them all year round now, but in years gone by you couldn’t, and my Mum would freeze them, so the family could enjoy them weeks after Easter.

The Easter eggs!

Ah yes, onto the even naughtier chocolate Easter egg. These large hollowed chocolate eggs are incredibly popular in the UK.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

People will give them to each other as treats, though it is usually adults, such as grandparents, parents and other relatives giving them to children.

Cadbury Twirl Chocolate Easter Egg

Though this doesn’t stop my girlfriend, sister and I giving each other Easter eggs, even in our adult years!

Nestle Yorkie Chocolate Easter Egg with Mug

The prices of the eggs do vary, and it is often best to buy Easter eggs from a supermarket weeks before the Easter holidays. That way not only can you grab what you want, but you should be able to buy them as part of a deal.

Making your own Easter food

Some people enjoy making their own food for Easter, often with chocolate being the main ingredient! I often enjoy a vegetarian roast meal as well during the Easter weekend. Like most occasions, homemade food can make Easter feel more special.


Whether Easter for you is about religion, food, spending time with others, relaxing, taking a holiday or a mixture of reasons, it is usually a great time in Britain. Where I live the island wakes up fully to tourism at Easter, with plenty to do and usually the weather is glorious, but alas this year it appears Britain will be suffering colder weather over the Easter holiday. However you spend Easter this year, I hope you have a lovely time.

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