Book Review: The Four Hour Work Week (4HWW) – Timothy Ferriss

3 Small Candles

In the work world there is too much time wasting: tasks for the sake of tasks, endless meetings and hurdles that stifle people from being as productive as they could be. From the self-employed to the employee, this book is a must read if you wish to improve your productivity and quality of life, which perhaps could for you mean more free personal time. This also means that perhaps your income needs to be addressed, to help free up more personal time.

This is a fantastic book choc-a-bloc full of useful advice and insight into how to improve your work life quality and accomplish more in less time. Even if you are happy with your current job, this book should give you much to think about.

This book isn’t all talk either, as Tim gives plenty of insight into his own work life balance and there are great reader contributions to enjoy. I had already begun a transition in my work life when I read the book, and the book helped me evolve some of the changes I had made, plus gave me plenty of advice and new actions to take.

Each day the book gave me something to consider and some of the actions I’ve taken have had immediate benefits, others will not bare fruit for a while, but the wheels have been set in motion. One of the areas that has had the most impact is changing how I communicate. i.e. less, but in a more focused way. There have been other equally important changes, but unfortunately I’m not willing to discuss here, but all positive!

I didn’t read this book in one sitting, but over a month and this is a book I will revisit. It is a book to keep, and is one of the best lifestyle books I’ve read in a long time, as influential on my life as Ricardo Semler’s business books are.

This book has made a difference to my life already.

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