Book Review: Infinity Engine by Neal Asher

Part of the book cover for Infinity Engine by Neal Asher

This is a sci-fi book review of Infinity Engine by Neal Asher.

I was browsing my local libraries shelves and saw the book. They didn’t have the first two books of this three-part series, and I should have checked whether they were in the local library system, and if needed paid a small fee for them to be sent to my nearest library. Instead, I borrowed this book and started reading!

Even without reading the first two books in the series, I was able to jump in and start enjoying. I definitely should have read the other books first. This book is incredible and I’ve somewhat spoiled the first two books for myself! It has to be one of the best sci-fi books I’ve read in years.

Part of the book cover for Infinity Engine by Neal Asher
This book is final of the ‘Transformation’ series, and it is stuffed full of cool sci-fi: A.I.s, spaceships, alien races and more. The impact of technology and resulting role in which humanity plays in this book was interesting. This book has an assassin drone working with humans, a ruthless human turned AI hunting another AI called Penny Royal and a bunch of Prador aliens amongst other characters.

You follow the different story arcs, and as the book pages flow by, the tension builds and I was left wondering what twist and turn would occur, how people would survive, what the AIs would do next and what the alien races would do. At times characters were cold and ruthless, and this isn’t a feel-good book, full of warmth, but a sci-fi book written with amazing skill and imagination. I’ve read a lot of sci-fi, and some books can be too detailed, consumed by the tech, but this science fiction book didn’t overwhelm, but it didn’t disappoint those interested in AI and spaceships.

I wasn’t able to guess the ending to the book and from my experience of reading only book three, I was satisfied with the conclusion. Then after reading this book, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Often I find it hard to transition between different authors, and I found it difficult to get into the style of the next book I read. Neal Asher is a great sci-fi author.

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