Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

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This was a book review I had initially decided I wasn’t going to write! Why? Because I never finished the book, which is only the second time in the last couple of years this has happened.

I approached this book from seeing the movie trailer! A lady whose personal life is in turmoil who goes on a personal journey covering Italy, India and elsewhere, which are two countries that fascinate me. The trailer looked interesting, so when this book became available at the library I borrowed it. What a mistake!

Now originally I wasn’t going to write this review, as it is a true story of a period of Elizabeth Gilbert’s life. Writing a negative review regarding a book is one thing, the book being about someone’s life is tough to write if you didn’t like the book. To try and keep this as spoiler free as possible, I won’t go into too much detail.

First of all I need to say I admire Elizabeth for the bold steps she took in her life, plus admire the fact she is a writer. That being said I found it hard to balance these bold steps with her relationships, her views and actions. I found much of what I read on a number of topics extreme.

I enjoyed reading about Elizabeth’s time in Italy, but found myself jumping pages after a while, not due to the locations, but due to Elizabeth’s views and what occurred, especially the relationships and religious aspects. From a book perspective I felt the book was a missed opportunity.

The locations wasn’t enough to keep me going and many pages became tough to read. I persevered with this book for too long, but ultimately I had to give it up. As this is a book of someone’s personal life, I’ve tried to be sensitive in this review for that reason. Such a shame I didn’t like the book and I definitely won’t be watching the movie.

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