Beach Photo Shoot for Ruhani / Rangsaa (Tea)

My friend Ruhani has launched her own range of teas, and kindly sent me a tea gift. As a thank you, I decided to take the Rangsaa tea container out for a beach photo shoot, record videos and create a couple of basic animations. The content could be used as part of social media compaigns, blog posts, presentations and on a website, amongst other other uses.

Whether Ruhani uses the photos and videos or not, I hope it demonstrates my appreciation for the generous tea gift. Plus at times it was hilarious, with people stopping to watch, and getting my trainers thoroughly wet. It also was a good excuse to eat lunch at the beach to the sound of waves, the sun on my face and enjoy the sea air.

I have gained knowledge from this experience as well, and know what I would do differently next time, and I know some countryside locations I could visit locally, so that it wasn’t just beach photos. I enjoyed the experience and also the tea is great!

21st March ’17 Update: I’ve received a great response from Ruhani and other tea friends. I’ve updated this blog post to show two Instagram posts.

Instagram posts

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