A stroll around Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight UK

Wrapped up we ventured out on the island bus network on a cold December’s Sunday morning to Yarmouth. We had visited this seaside town on the Isle of Wight before, but never on a cold day, and only had rough plans of what we wanted to visit and see.

The island bus network is very good, and to reach Yarmouth we headed to Newport, where we sheltered in the warmth of the indoor part of the bus terminal, picked up a timetable for the buses, which includes a handy network map, and then caught a second bus to Yarmouth. The bus trip itself was often through beautiful countryside, and before we knew it we were at Yarmouth’s bus terminal. Note: The photo below isn’t the bus terminal, but the town hall which was rebuilt in 1763.

Yarmouth town

At this stage I required a pit-stop, and headed towards the public toilets, only to discover after dispensing soap onto my hands, that the cold water from the machine didn’t work! So with soapy hands, I did a daring hand wash in the ladies, whom I might add, also had a sink, as well as a machine to wash your hands!

The Gossips Cafe Yarmouth

As it is out of season, Yarmouth Castle was closed, which was expected. We slowly strolled through the town, and made our way to the pier, where we decided to pop into ‘The Gossips Café’, for drinks as well as warmth!

hot chocolate

This cosy café is right on the seafront, next to the pier and the views are incredible! I enjoyed a coffee, whilst my better half had a monster hot chocolate.

Yarmouth Pier - Isle of Wight

As the day was slowly warming up we strolled back to to the harbour, and then over the turn-bridge, towards the coastal path, and Victoria Fort. We had been wanting to visit the fort for a while, but didn’t know what to expect. The views as we walked were lovely, and it was only a five to ten minute walk to a coastal path to the fort.

Yarmouth seafront

As we strolled along the path, we were envious of a couple of impressive houses and grounds on the seafront. Once we got to the fort, which is located at the seafront I was disappointed there was maintenance under way, but understandable as it is a business location, and it is out of season. Alas the stairs to walk on top of the fort were closed.

Fort Victoria cannon

Most of the fort facilities had been closed down for the Winter, and the seafront area reclaimed by people fishing. We headed beyond the fort, and found an area of beach with litter, and plenty of washed up items, which was rather depressing.


On this out of season day, we probably shouldn’t have strolled to the fort and stuck to the town area. Once back at the town, and after another hand drying raid in the women’s toilet, we hopped onto a bus.

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