A stroll along Ryde Seafront on the Isle of Wight

Appley Beach at Ryde on the Isle of Wight

This blog post is about a stroll along Ryde seafront on the Isle of Wight, taking in the harbour and Appley beach.

It was late Sunday morning and the first warm day of Spring had arrived. A bit of food shopping and then we headed off to the small car boot sale at Ryde seafront. A swarm bobbed and weaved amongst the stalls, and we enjoyed looking at the goods on offer. Next door to the sale the youngsters were practising their impressive bmx bike spins and turns on the ramps.

Ryde Harbour - Isle of Wight

Onwards we strolled past Ryde harbour and nearby children rolled in gerbil balls on water in the small amusement area. I quite like the mini-golf on offer and others were enjoying their crashes in the dodgems.

Dunes of sand were piled on the beach nearby, waiting to be distributed along the front ready for the tourist season. Children of all ages were taking advantage of the opportunity to climb a dune, laughing and rolling down.

Ryde Boating Lake - Isle of Wight

On-route we took time to stop at Ryde Boating Lake to view the swans, and unfortunately we had just missed viewing the model boats, as the owners were packing up and heading home.

Appley Beach at Ryde on the Isle of Wight

Soon we reached the café near the lifeguard station. We popped in and picked up filtered coffee and tea to takeaway. Hot drinks in hand we slowly strolled along the path, found a bench and opened up our packed lunch. A few polite words were shared with dog walkers, and we sat there enjoying the sea breeze, beach and views across to the mainland.

bench at Appley seafront - Isle of Wight

Afterwards we lazily strolled further up, and then sat down again to take in the scenery and to chat. We sat there for at least a half hour near to Appley Park. Afterwards instead of heading directly back to the seafront, we strolled up a path and around what used to be a small golf course.

We found ourselves back at the Life Guard station, and browsed through the second-hand books they sell as part of their fund-raising activities. We were in no hurry and afterwards took our time strolling back along the seafront.

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